"Her Money, Her Business" Masterclass

$ 1,997.00 $ 3,997.00
"Her Money, Her Business" Masterclass

🔥🔥Show you the Money 🔥🔥 Girl it's time for your 5 & 6 figure Success Strategy/Plan/Game Changer for the upcoming year!


I show you how to identify, create and maximize your efforts & profits.


This is a high level 4 week program (now 8 weeks) that will teach you how to identify and create profit opportunities in your everyday life and business interactions. This program teaches you how to do business and achieve your dreams the Harvard and multimillionaire way (ONLY TAKING 5 PROFIT PRODUCERS).

This program has already gone International & created over $1.5 million in Profit Generating Strategies (all without an official launch).

💥 Program includes:

1.  Four  1.5 hr -Intensive profit & opportunity strategy session (this is where your money is created)

2. Her Money Her Business 78 page

Workbook/Profit Planner

3. 45 min Implementation Follow-up session

4. 4 weeks accountability sessions (to help you stay on track making money)

5. 4 weeks question and answer email access (must be questions based on strategies prepared by Lisa)

6. Personalized Profit Plan worth thousands


🔥This program is a 21 Point Profit Results System (PRS) TM

Well here is the program overview:

It is a "21 Point Profit Results System" ™ that I created to shift and enhance your Winning in Business Perspective & Money Results💰💰(perfect for existing or brand new business owners) . Here is what we cover:

1. Mastering your Money Mindset
2. Identifying your Current Money Makers
3. Existing Product Pricing Strategy
4. How to Repurpose Products (incl none money makers)
5. Product Creation Formula
6. How to Leverage your Competition
7. Money Drainer Identification & Elimination
8. Personalized Money Goal Strategy for the yr
9. Money Goal 30, 60 & 90 day Creation Launch
10. New Product Pricing Strategy
11. Business Currency (the things others don't see as currency)
12. Personalized Business Currency Strategy
13. Twelve month Money Launch Strategy & Template
14. Personalized REVENUE WHEEL Creation & Template
15. How to Strategize New Ideas
16. Identifying your Market Analysis (Template)
17. Identifying your Network Analysis (Template)
18. Product & Service Success Viability formula (so that every thing you touch is a success)
19. How to Make your Business Scalable & Sustainable
20. Harvard Business School Nuggets
21. My Personal Millionaire Mentors Stand Out Checklist

💜 Bonus: Product/Service Pricing Formula 

💥 What you will learn:

1. How to overcome your Money Mindset

2. How to make/create more money

3. Identify your own profit driven opportunities

4. How to create your very own strategies to reach your monthly financial goals

5. How to forecast your income with 90 day precision

6. How to see the potential for profit in everything you do.

💥This program is for you if:

1. You have trouble charging what you are worth

2. You are ready to make more money

3. You are ready to get over being stuck in business

4. You want to recession proof your business

5. You want to be in the forefront of your industry

6. You want to learn how to leverage EVERYTHING and leave no profit on the table.

7. You are a business owner not meeting your money goals.

8. You are a 9 to 5er who is looking to turn your side hustle onto a money train.

9. You are a 9 to 5er looking to make enough money to run your business full time.

💰 Testimonials

💥 I have a plan to make $53,400 on the side! Doing what I was already doing but with definite goals and strategies. Shouting out Lisa Guice and Her Money Her Business Master class! ( Karlease B)

💥 (Kayla W)This has been one of the most valuable coaching sessions I've ever had (it's my first one ever with Lisa) and I am beyond happy I signed up for it.

💥 Lisa Guice and that $60,000 profit strategy you created is just the beginning of making that kind of money doing something I LOVE is life changing.

💥 (Tamara L) I never thought a six figure money strategy was possible. Lisa created a personalized strategy in our very first session that will have me owning a six figure business. The investment I made was nothing compared to what my business received.


* Payment plan available upon request: email

Kathy V. at lgglobalvisiongmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: As with all coaching program your results are based on you being coachable, following and implementing strategies.


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