"Winner In You"(7 day program) SOLD OUT

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"Winner In You"(7 day program) SOLD OUT
This program is designed for those who want to take charge of their lives and walk BOLDLY in their winning space.
With this program you will:
1. Map your vision and strategize on its next-level 
2. Identify what has your focus.
3. Extract & Replace your Negative Self Talk.
4. Isolate your business win/wins.
5. Create your customized plan A+, A and A- winning formula sheet. It allows you to funnel your power within your original vision, yet gives you multiple ways to grow your original idea for maximum success.
6. Includes 45 minute video call
( This formula will be your personalized go to in doubting times and to help you seize opportunities).
*This program is for the woman who is tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else win. Identify your winning formula NOW!
*Imagine having your very own formula that you can apply to your obstacles that help you achieve your desires and win!
**(This program is now virtual)
Limited time at $97 (value $297)

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